(PREORDER Ships TBD) MVP Fission Dimension - Eagle McMahon Elemental Series

(PREORDER Ships TBD) MVP Fission Dimension - Eagle McMahon Elemental Series

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Speed Glide Turn Fade
14.5 5 -1 (ish) 3

OK, we've adjusted the turn a bit compared to a Neutron Dimension. This is based on previous Fission runs in other molds being less overstable. We don't know how these will react, but we do think this is a more throwable version of the Dimension than the Neutron variety. 

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Your wish has been granted - the next Eagle McMahon Elemental Series disc is here! The Dimension has recently become one of the most popular drivers for Team MVP, and we’re proud to introduce this new variation, the Fission Dimension! As Eagle’s theme for this disc is the element of air, pairing Fission plastic with his farthest flying disc is a perfect match! Add in a custom triple-foil stamp from Green C Studio, and we’ve got a winner! Bearing in mind the Dimension is an overstable 14.5 speed disc, introducing it in Fission will allow us to reduce the weight for better usability for those without Eagle McMahon levels of power - and give even more distance to those who do possess it! As a Dimension though, the Fission Dimension is a touch less stable than its other counterparts - expect a straighter, more manageable flight for 350-450ft arms than the average Dimension. Support Eagle on tour by grabbing the second of his Elemental Series, the Wynn Dragon!