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July 2020 DFX Limited Release

The inaugural disc release in the DFX Limited series is now lovably known was Hootsie, a name given to the design by the fans! This run of Plasma Volts was bursty with colors that included green, black, silver, red, blue, and a few blends of light pink and some purple. The flight of these Volts is far more overstable than pre-patent tooling runs of the Volt mold.  Manufacturer: MVP Disc Sports Disc Mold: Volt Plastic Blend: Plasma Run Size: 250 Artist: Marm.O.Set Design: Huitzilopochtli Release Date: 7/15/2020   Photo Credit: Chris Fostek

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The day is finally here! DFX Limited will be going live starting in July 2020 with our first release. DFX Limited is a monthly disc golf subscription that is slightly different than others. These discs will feature the same passion and styling as typical DFX releases, where the focus is on showing off disc golf art. Rather than droning on, which I normally would, here's some likely frequently asked questions:      Q: Who will be the artists featured in this subscription?A: We are developing partnerships with artists inside and outside of disc golf to insure there is quality AND variety. A few of our current partners are Marm.O.Set, Les White, Reide Perigo, Michael Ramanauskas, and John Dorn. Q: Where else...

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