The day is finally here! DFX Limited will be going live starting in July 2020 with our first release. DFX Limited is a monthly disc golf subscription that is slightly different than others. These discs will feature the same passion and styling as typical DFX releases, where the focus is on showing off disc golf art. Rather than droning on, which I normally would, here's some likely frequently asked questions:  


Q: Who will be the artists featured in this subscription?
A: We are developing partnerships with artists inside and outside of disc golf to insure there is quality AND variety. A few of our current partners are Marm.O.Set, Les White, Reide Perigo, Michael Ramanauskas, and John Dorn.

Q: Where else can I find these discs?
A: Nowhere. These are exclusively sold by DFX Discs via DFX Limited subscription. 

Q: I have participated in disc golf subscriptions before and I always received discs that I didn't want. What is DFX doing differently?
A: Our goal is to offer color and weight PREFERENCES to make sure that we send you a disc that you enjoy every month.

Q: What brand of discs will I receive each month?
A: Most releases will come from MVP Disc Sports, but we are constantly looking for creative ideas to produce a three foil disc. In the past, we have also partnered with Thought Space Athletics and Mint Discs.

Q: Do I have control over the mold and plastic that I receive each month?
A: Every release will consist of one single mold and plastic combination. An overwhelming majority will be premium plastics and will be split between drivers, midranges, and putters. For example, July could be a Plasma Volt, followed by a Neutron Ohm in August, and a Proton Insanity in September. DFX picks out the mold, and 

Q: When will my disc arrive each month?
A: Discs are mailed around the 15th of each month. 

Q: What is the cost of the subscription?
A: Each disc is currently $24.99. You can buy as many or as few as you would like. This price includes shipping and taxes within the United States. 

Q: Are these collector discs or throwing discs?
A: All discs are mailed with Certificate of Authenticity, in addition to being shipped in a collector type bag. We mail them in this condition in case you'd rather hang the disc on a wall rather than on a tree branch.  

Q: I missed the July 2020 release and I really really want one. Will you create more?
A: DFX will not re-run any 3-foil limited edition disc but does reserve the right to bring a design back to life in the future on a single or double foil format.   

Q: Can I pre-pay for 6 months or a year at a time? 
A: At the current time, no. In the future, this FAQ will be updated to reflect the changes.

Q: I regret not joining DFX Limited sooner.
A: You should have subscribed sooner. We hope you join soon!


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    Could I hop in and subscribe? Am I way late to the party?

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    I would like to get a monthly mystery box 📦
    Is this subscription available?

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    I need to cancel my subscription

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